Seating Clinics Past


Seating Clinics


A cargo container has room for 180 to 200 wheelchairs, so each distribution provides mobility for 180 to 200 adults and children. At seating clinics chairs are individually fitted for each recipient. The seating clinic teams include volunteer professional seating specialists.

March 2017

San Salvador

October 2016

Quitos, Ecuador

September 2016

Lima, Peru

August 2016

Guadalajara, Mexico

July, 2016

Danang, Vietnam

June, 2016‚Äč

Petan, Guatemala

May, 2015

Oaxaca, Mexico

May, 2015

Guadalajara, Mexico

March, 2015

Granada, Nicaragua

August 2014


November 2014

El Salvador

December, 2013
Cochabamba, Bolivia

August 2013

Armenia, Columbia


October 2012

Guadalajara, Mexico


July 2012

Oaxaca, Mexico





April 2011



January 2011

Dominican Republic